~~~ Signe ~~~

- What is your name? - Signe Karen Mary

- What is your League ID? - Signe2352

- Where do you live? - Scarborough, Ontario Canada

- How old are you? - 65

- When is your birthday? - February 3

- Tell us about your family. - I'm divorced. I have a son aged 41 and a daughter aged 38. My millionaire family. (lol) I'm a proud Nana of 3 grandsons aged 8, 6 and 4.

- What are your hobbies? - I love playing euchre and crib in my spare time. I love fishing with my son cause I'm guaranteed to catch my favorite fish, Walleye (Pickeral). I also love swimming and bowling.

- What is your favorite food? - I have a lot of favorite foods - Canadian, Italian, Greek and Chinese.

- What is your favorite music? - Country and songs of the 70's, 80's and 90's.

- What is your favorite color? - Blue

- What is your favorite TV show? - The Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead

- What is your favorite movie? - Titanic

- Tell us something about yourself that we probably don't know. - I'm a social butterfly and have lots of good friends. I watch my grandson part time for my daughter. He plays a big role in my life cause I have watched him since he was born. I'm his favorite Nana and I believe I am from all those hugs, cuddles and kisses I get.

- What is your favorite euchre game? - Regular STD

- Why is JHF the league for you? - Most of my friends from the past play euchre here. Jan (snowbird_1967) referred me to play here also.